European Scout Education Forum 2018

For the past 5 days, I was present at the European Scout Education Forum 2018, surrounded by almost 100 scout leaders from national teams, representing 31 NSO’s from 25 countries.
My job? Record and live-stream the keynote speakers and take amazing photos.

I had the chance to listen to great stories and opinions from even greater people that have dedicated their life to Scouting, talk with them and get an even better grasp and understanding of how the youth programme is thought, managed and delivered in countries from all over the globe. This gave me a great feeling about the dimensions in which Scouting operates, as a continuous movement.

From each experience, we produce memories, and what better way to contain it than by an instant capture of reality in the form of a photograph. From all of the 1k+ pictures that I took these past few days, this one is my favorite. 5 Romanian scouts, doing the Romanian Special Applause, together with over 100 scouts from 25 different countries.

Great thanks to my partener in crime, Alex G.

Be prepared!

JSHeroes 2018 | Cluj-Napoca

Last month I participated at the largest tech conference solely dedicated to JavaScript from Romania, called JSHeroes. It took place in the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca, the city that I’ve proudly called home for the last four years.

It was an awesome experience, filled with useful knowledge and insight concerning the current state of JavaScript as a language and all the frameworks that the JS developer community uses.

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Angular Data Services, helped by the beauty of BehaviourSubjects (they are not BS)

The rule of thumb in all of Angular (2+), alongside the complete rewriting of the HTTP Client in 4.3, is that the data flow should be handled using Observables. All of the Client’s calls are themselves Observables, to which you can subscribe and receive the required data on completion.

This should be a good way to handle your data, but what happens when you want to create a Service that manages your data, as models, or maybe just as JS primitives, store them, and modify/delete them when needed. Continue reading “Angular Data Services, helped by the beauty of BehaviourSubjects (they are not BS)”

[Django] dumpdata to avoid conflicts and errors at loaddata

When you backup whole database by using dumpdata command, it will backup all the database tables.

If you use this database dump to load the fresh database(in another django project), it can be causes IntegrityError (If you loaddata in same database it works fine).

To fix this problem, make sure to backup the database by excluding contenttypes and auth.permissions tables.

./ dumpdata --exclude auth.permission --exclude contenttypes > db.json

Long version, with natural primary and foreign keys: dumpdata --natural-foreign --natural-primary -e contenttypes -e auth.Permission --indent 4

Lansarea platformei

Anunț intergalactic venit de la mii de ani lumină! Vă rugăm să vă reglați quanto-radio-receptoare pe frecvența RoJAM 2.0 17.

Dorim să anunțăm cu mult interes lansarea primelor module de E-Learning dezvoltate de Echipa Națională de Resurse Umane. În urmă cu aproximativ 16 luni intergalactice am pornit pe un drum lung și anevoios, dar care a meritat din plin. Pornind de la o platformă de E-Learning care este folosită, la nivel mondial, de majoritatea universităților de top, am dezvoltat un sistem care răspunde nevoilor noastre actuale.

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Senioriadă v6.0 @ Roșia Montană

Aaaannd … we’re here! Beautiful landscape of Roșia Montană? Check. Scarfs around our necks? Check. Good driving / arrival music? Double check! Guitar, headlight, raincoats? Check, check and check. We set up camp, clear the land, raise the tents and of course, most importantly, eat! The last sun rays give us a subtle hint that we should also start the camp fire, and so we begin our wonderful journey into the lands of “North America”.

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