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Scouts Mar 7, 2020

Today was about scouting.

Taking up the challenge, a couple of months ago, to become one of the strategic coordinators for my beloved organization was a real step-up from what I was normally doing for the scouts. Even though I might’ve had my skepticism at that time, it turned out that I might bring some knowledge to the table and actually be useful, beside tapping away at the keyboard, writing code.

So the day started by participating at the National Board meeting, presenting the first report ever written (formally) for a national team. It was a pleasure to be there and talk about what we did so far and the concrete actions that we plan to do with the TECH team in the near future.

Afterwards, I ran to the General Assembly of the local scout center of Cluj-Napoca (Scouts Cluj) where we voted together for the next Local Council, that will govern the local center for the next three years. It was a great atmosphere, filled with great plans for the future and pragmatic thinking for the obstacles that we face currently. I am looking forward with great hope towards the bright future that lays before us.

Afterwards, equipped with another coffee to-go at my side, I went to a meeting with the leaders from the local center and the National Board, where we talked various things, from how empowerment should be applied practically, to what we should do if the dreaded coronavirus should affect our activity, resulting in a very productive discussion.

The evening was ended blissfully, with friends at my side and good thoughts that will echo into the near future.

Be prepared, and always remember that tomorrow might be a day when the sun steps up his game, and shines even more brightly!

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