This is a voting board that I have developed for my company. We are currently hosting multiple presentations (twice a month), with various Python related topics (and hopefully JS topics soon). The problem? It’s hard to decide what to watch, so this app tries to solve this problem with a ‘live voting’ concept. 

We all login to the platform, and with a simple click, we choose what we want to watch. 

Developed with the speed and love of Angular and Firebase.


As a need for an application that allows an end user to change his Facebook Profile Picture, I have developed an application that allows you to just do that.

Having reusability in mind (and time efficiency, of course), I went with a component architecture using the Angular Framework, thus developing an app that can be themed with custom overlays, allowing it to be used in many different events from our oganization (planning to extend it to be used in Festivalul Luminii as well).

After the website, came the app.

The need for an app was in plan since the beginning, so we started with a sign-up / manage your patrol and payments functionality kind of app. A great help what the development of an API from our organization’s Member Management System, that provided valuable member information and a simplification regarding the login.

We are currently in a continuous development process, and will add much needed functionality for the Staff users and a mobile application that can be used during the event. @ RoJAM 2.0 17


The next challenge that I undertook was in the fall of 2015, when I was asked to become the main software developer for the National Jamboree, RoJAM 2.0 17, that was going to take place in 2017. The first task: develop the website. It was a highly modified instance of WordPress, with serious changes to the theme and various plugins that it was using. Also, translations into 4 different languages. 

In the end, everything had to be ready for the National Assembly in 2016, and so it was.


Being part of the National Organizational Team for the Festivalul Luminii Event in 2015, my area of responsability was the Online Environment, thus also meaning the Website. Developing a new look and functionality was a sure challenge, but it was also a pleasure, providing an upgrade to the website, that was initially developed in 2011, using a lot of … jQuery. 

Lean, clean and easy to navigate, with an interactive map that displays all of the event’s locations.